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No one can guarantee a transformational or life-changing experience.

But I can promise you a retreat will supply all the necessary ingredients for finding flight: adventure in the outdoors, jaw-dropping destinations, physical activity and life coaching.

Elena Sonnino life coaching retreats will be filled with invitations to fall (and then get back up), adventures to push you to your edge and experiences to help you peel back your outer layers to reveal the version of yourself that you were born to be.

We’ll play, hop and skip in nature. We’ll greet the sunrise on our yoga mats. We’ll lace up our hiking boots. We might learn about ourselves on a surfboard or SUP. Who knows. There might be singing and dancing, just because we can.

We’ll find flight in the fight. 

All you need to do is be ready for change. Practice determination without expectation.

Oh, and be prepared to giggle. Because there is nothing better than a fabulous giggle-fest.

2017 Life Coaching Retreat Information

GO BEYOND Life Coaching and Yoga Retreat, Lake Anna, Virginia

October 20-22, 2017

lake anna fall colors

Photo credit: Kate Elim

Are you ready to fall into a deeper connection with the hidden parts of yourself that are just waiting for you notice they are there?

Go beyond to find yourself with a weekend that brings together the boldness of fall colors, the energy of the lake to cultivate hope, the guidance of life coaching, and the surrender of yoga.

Connect with yourself and a small group of women for a weekend that will invite you to commit to the version of yourself that is just waiting to be seen.

Why Lake Anna? Lake Anna offers the perfect fall getaway to see life as if you are living in a box of Crayola crayons. We’ll soak up the reflections from the lake to see ourselves more clearly. We’ll embrace the boldness of fall colors to reawaken all that is alive within us. We’ll play on the water with kayaks and stand up paddleboards.

You will go home stimulated to GO BEYOND the boundaries of your perceptions with a clearer vision to live with more intention and purpose each day.


SwellWomen Surf, Yoga and Life Coaching in Nicarauga

April 22-29, 2017

Elena Sonnino
Take your surfing and yoga to a new level to heal and reconnect with your true self!

I could not be happier than to partner with SwellWomen to help you find flight in the fight on your surfboard and in your life!

This unique SwellWomen life coaching program will help you let go of the stories in your mind. You will learn to TUNE IN, LISTEN to and BELIEVE in your intuition and reawaken your inner self. You will return home ready to celebrate the turtle steps to find flight in the fight in your daily life and future goals.

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