Elena Sonnino Yoga Coaching

    Embrace Your Shine Life Coaching and Yoga 6-week Program

    >  Are you a perpetual goal setter?
    >  Do you find yourself noticing that is going wrong around you?
    >  Are you in constant motion, based on the belief that more is more?
    >  Do you plan your days around all the things you “should” do?

    “There is no failure, only feedback.”

    Koelle Simpson

    What if you could?

    • Get grounded in the NOW
    • Find acceptance within yourself
    • Use your intuition to guide your decision making
    • Live each day with more intention and clarity
    • Cultivate gratitude for what is going right

    Find your WHY, your INTENTION and your PROGRESS

    with a small group yoga and coaching program.

    Want to learn more?

    The Embrace Your Shine 6-week online program launches in March 2017.

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