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    It Does Count

    “It doesn’t count. Or does it?” I wrote this simple line in my journal this morning as I was thinking about my daily intention of connecting with at least one person a day. I’d written a thank you note using Facebook Messenger and while the sentiment was heartfelt and...

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    Do You Allow Yourself to Play Every Day?

    Play is not just for children. Adults need play too. The question is...do you allow yourself to play every day? Adults need play to inspire creativity, as a coping mechanism, and as a way to maintain healthy relationships. And while I know that play is good for us, I...

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    Confessions of a Quick Start

    I was so frustrated. I’d spend almost two hours trying to figure out a new platform to use for my email system and had more questions than answers. It was past my bedtime, I hadn’t accomplished what I’d intended, and I could feel the tension in my back and chest...

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    The Day My Haircut Caught up with My Life

    I couldn’t help but smile. “Oh my goodness.” I thought to myself. THIS is what I’d been envisioning for months. Snips of blond highlights lay on the floor underneath me as I stared at the woman in the mirror. There she was. There I was. It had happened. “Pixie-me.”...

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    What I Learned From A Flat Tire

    I lowered the car window to hear what the man on the sidewalk was trying to tell me. “You have a flat tire,” he said, pointing to my back tire. I have a what? Really? I drove through the intersection, turned on my hazard lights, and pulled over only to find that he...

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    Less is More

    I found myself feeling worn out a few days ago. Spent. Maybe even a bit confused. It seems as if I’ve been traveling on a feel-good adventure of messages from my intuition and from the universe for a while now. You know those periods where things keep falling into...

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