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How Do You Decide To Spend Money on Yourself?

One of the things I’ve been hearing a lot lately is “I can’t afford to spend money on myself right now.” Granted, I’ve heard this thought specifically in regards to my See You. Be You. group retreat and coaching program – but this mindset comes up so often, for so...

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Give Yourself a Dose of Love

Have you ever noticed that you crave love and kindness from external sources but you have a hard time giving yourself the same love? Or that you feel filled up when you get external validation from your work or your friends, but find it difficult to give yourself a...

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Two Steps to See and Be Seen

A question that I've gotten on more than one occasion since announcing the See You. Be You. 3-month group coaching program is: "Why on earth would I want to see and be seen?" Ah yes indeed. Why? Why would it be good to see yourself more clearly and to allow yourself...

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10 Ways to Live Loud and Proud

What does it mean to live a loud and proud life? My 13-year old daughter was recently called “loud and proud” by her best friend in a letter of gratitude for their friendship. My teenager showed me the letter, and as I read it – tears dribbled...

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Be Protective of Your WHY Instead of Your Time

“I can’t. Sorry.” After so many years of saying yes, I’d gotten really good at saying no. At being protective of my time. I told myself that I was protecting my family time. Evenings are for family dinners. Bedtime reading. Prayers. It was ok with me to miss one...

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When Your Journal Falls Apart

"This  journal is falling apart. Really. It is kaput. Broken into so many sections. It does not seem whole or like it could ever be whole.” I wrote these words in my (broken) journal. And then I paused. I wondered. I took a breath. Now you should know...in relative...

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