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My Love Letter to YOU

Dear Special You, It is good to see you. And when I say “see you” I mean it – to be able to actually SEE you. Not just the physical person, but the one whose heart has known there was more just waiting to be found. It makes me feel all bubbly and tingly to know that...

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How to Use Gravity to Cultivate Your Intention

Gravity pulls us down, right? Well, yes. Kind of. But it does more than that. In my lay-science speak, I’ve always thought about gravity in terms of pulling us down (thank you sci-fi movies and anti-gravity chambers that feature people floating around). But gravity...

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I Survived Cancer but I Forgot to Notice Life

You hear it all the time..."Cancer taught me to live in the moment." For many people that may be true. And in a round about way, my Hodgkin's Lymphoma did teacher me to notice life. But it almost two decades for me to get there. My story starts a bit differently: I...

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Everything You Need is Already Inside You

Everything you need is already inside you. Everything you seek is within you. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment. These are not new mantras. I’ve heard variations on this theme over and over, and probably even used something similar during a...

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The Day I Needed to Surf with a Mohawk

I was paddling back after riding a wave. I’d been catching and riding small waves in the smallish waves brought on by the low tide all morning. My rides were not graceful, nor did they look like the strong, vibrant adventures of the other women around me – but it...

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The Key to Surrender: A Life Lesson from a Puppy

I’ve been thinking a lot of about the idea of surrender. What it means. What it is, what it isn’t. I didn’t start out with an intention to explore surrender. But the signs that I needed to explore the idea were everywhere. In my social media streams, on my bookcase –...

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