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What would it be like to stop judging yourself and step into your potential with gratitude, acceptance, and self-compassion?


Go beyond the boundaries of your perception and uncover that which is hidden inside YOU.

Give yourself nurturing and nourishment to break free of old patterns and develop a new understanding of who you are.

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Elena Sonnino Life Coach and RYT 200 yoga teacher

Hi! I’m Elena Sonnino, and as a Martha Beck Certified life coach and RYT 200 yoga teacher, I guide radiant women just like you – who crave a life beyond the boundaries of their perceptions. Women who crave a life of more intention and less expectation. Women who know that all that they need already exists inside them, but don’t know how to unlock that which has been hidden.

What does that even mean exactly? It means that I’ll help you get out of your own way so that you can find clarity to manifest the life you really want.

As a cancer survivor, a former public school teacher turned travel writer, and mom; my focus is to be the mirror that guides you to reveal that which has always been there, shining deep within you. It took me a long time, but I finally realized that my body always has everything I need – if I would just slow down long enough to notice. My hope for you is that through our work, you’ll tune in to what is going right instead of what is going wrong to embrace your inner light so that it can burn even brighter.

Are you ready to open your heart, your mind, and your body to be your best self and create the life you really want?

> Get in touch with your why.

> Learn to trust your intuition and yourself.

> Activate the hope inside you.

> Celebrate progress instead of judgment.

> Practice determination instead of expectation.

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"Elena, I seriously can't thank you enough for such an amazing few months. You've been so supportive and engaging and have REALLY helped me to avoid falling into the funk of negative story telling. I can't wait to continue these practices you taught me as well as keep a journey of gratitude. Talking with you today, as always, has me so excited for the future."

Shannon Dell

Writer, The Strange and New

I have been working with Elena over the past few months and have found her guidance supportive and on target. She has walked beside me through some challenging unresolved emotional breakthroughs and helped me see the bigger (clearer) picture. Elena is very responsive to any questions, concerns, and reflections of mine during the week reminding me of the strategies we have put in place and of new ones, as necessary. I have seen a gentle shift in my overall well-being and emotional stability since working with her and look forward to continuing my journey with Elena as my coach and cheerleader.

Steph P.

"After just a couple months of working with Elena, I am seeing significant changes in the way I recognize and approach my thoughts, feelings, and internal struggles. I especially appreciate her skill in gently pushing me to fully work through an issue.  Her "turtle steps" have helped me make break down problems and goals into manageable, actionable pieces, and she has given me so many tools to work with!"

Shannon Entin

Owner, 100 Routes Across America

"Working with Elena really allowed me to gain a new perspective on things that would trigger stress or anxiety. I love that her tools are simple to use, quick and extremely effective. Elena is extremely supportive and a top notch listener. Thank you so much for my sessions. I'm so looking forward to having you guide our SwellWomen guests at upcoming retreats."

Lulu Agan

Owner, SwellWomen Luxury Yoga & Wellness Retreats

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